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Vehicle Financing in Airdrie

When you finance a vehicle, it’s the most affordable way to eventually own one, and there are many financing options available to you here at Airdrie Truck and Auto Sales. We want to tailor a financial plan just for you. Our Financial Experts will sit down with you to discuss your options for vehicle financing in Airdrie—but the first step is getting pre-approved for credit.

The application process is really simple and quick. When you fill out our application form, we assure you that any information you share with us will remain absolutely confidential—between you and your Financial Expert only. Should you have any concerns about your privacy, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

You can also sit down with one of our Financial Experts instead. We welcome you to Airdrie Truck and Auto Sales to do so. Please contact us!

Advantages to Financing

  • You will one day own the vehicle and can take pride in that
  • You can customize the vehicle however you please
  • You aren’t limited to being able to drive a certain number of kilometres, as so with leasing
  • This is the most affordable option for buying a vehicle
  • Financing a vehicle is one of the most effective ways to improve your credit rating
  • Our terms are very flexible

We Work with Everyone

Any type of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for a loan. First-time buyers, no credit history, bad credit history, divorced applicants, bankrupt applicants, past repossessions, slow-pay, collections, judgments–we want to work with you. We can secure a no-credit loan should your situation demand it. Low-interest loans can be available for customers with existing loans. We want to help you refinance your loan or adjust the term of the contract.

Airdrie Auto Sales has strong relationships with financial institutions and is committed to finding you the perfect loan company to suit your financial needs. Regardless of your credit history or lack of it, you can get an auto loan approved in Airdrie today. You’re just a moment away from "same-day approval" financing!

How Does it Work?

The applications are reviewed very carefully before a Credit Specialist submits them to a lender for approval. Special care and attention is taken to go through all factors for your loan and to carefully match your needs with the right lender.

Apply today and drive away tomorrow with your new car!

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